Baby Boom (1987) อุ้มไว้สบายติ๋ม

BABY BOOM J. C. Wiatt is a driven Manhattan management consultant (nicknamed the “Tiger Lady”) determined to perform her demanding and high-profile job. She is married to her boyfriend Steven Buchner, an investment banker. They both are happily focused on their careers and do not have any interest in children. When J.C. is informed that a cousin was killed and left a bequest, J.C. is shocked to discover that her “inheritance” is that of her orphaned child, Elizabeth.

J.C. is unwilling to disrupt her busy life and is unsure of how to care for her children. However, she is in love with Elizabeth who forces J.C. into a re-evaluate of her priorities. Steven isn’t interested in being a parent, which is why she decides to work and raise Elizabeth. He moves out after their amicable breakup. Fritz Curtis, J.C.’s boss provides J.C. the opportunity to join his company as an associate. J.C. is offered the opportunity to manage The Food Chain’s account by Hughes Larrabee, CEO. J.C. lands Elizabeth the account, and Ken Arrenberg, her protege is assigned to her team. BABY BOOM HD

In a struggle to manage her work and home life, J.C. hires a group of nannies, and enrolls Elizabeth in early development classes because motherhood will soon take up the majority of her time. J.C. informs Fritz that Ken is making decisions without her involvement. Fritz surprised her by telling her that Ken will take charge of the account, and J.C. will be assigned to a client that has an elitist client. This will permit Elizabeth to enjoy more quality time together. She delays her promotion. Fritz says that he, too, had to make a choice between his work and his family.

Disappointed, J.C. quits, and moves together with Elizabeth to a farmhouse located in Vermont. Purchasing the house without first having seen it in person or having it examined, she finds it to be a mess (failing heating and plumbing insufficient water supply, poor roof). By winter, she is overwhelmed by the increasing amount of repairs required to her new home and is running out of cash and patience, and overwhelmed with loneliness. On the brink of financial collapse, and suffering from a nervous breakdown, she meets local veterinarian Dr. Jeff Cooper. She is initially averse to Jeff and wants to avoid him. Finding an investor for the house proves almost impossible. She sees an opportunity to market “gourmet” baby food applesauce she has concocted with Elizabeth with fresh ingredients. After an initial rough patch, the business develops into a fully-fledged company called “Country Baby”. J.C. and Jeff fall in love while her business grows and she receives orders from across the country.

Fritz is later in contact with J.C. to offer Country Baby to The Food Chain. Then, she goes back to her former firm to meet Larrabee as well as her former colleagues and discuss the issue with her. They provide her with a lucrative salary and the use of a Manhattan apartment, and other benefits in exchange for her signing a multi-million dollar agreement to buy her company and then distribute its products across the country. J.C. was ready to take Fritz’s offer, and she is certain that she can return to her former powerful and distinguished corporate career in New York. J.C. believes she can build her company without having to compromise her friendship with Jeff and Elizabeth. She’s happy in her new role as a wife, mother and the CEO of her own company She also returns to Vermont to visit Jeff as well as Elizabeth.